Dad πŸ’•

This is a little poem I wrote for my Dad in the months after he passed away. Writing and art really helped me through that time in my life. I still miss him every day but I hope I am doing him proud. You are gone and I am still trying to feel some feeling,… Continue reading Dad πŸ’•


4 wheels, 2 hearts.

4 wheels, 2 hearts On this journey, so far. Lots of sweat, many tears. No regret, lots of beers.   Crossed over mountains, swam in lakes. Stiff gears, squeaky breaks. All to find our happiness Through such darkness, find some bliss.   Often tiring, always mellow. As we cycled down the Eurovelo. Sunflowers blooming all… Continue reading 4 wheels, 2 hearts.


A place for a poem.

Is this the future? Is this the past? It's bedlam! It's chaos! How did they not just crash? Every inch has a purpose, Nothing lays bare. Things all around you, Dust in the air. Working together, To avoid a collision. Honking horns, Just a blurred vision. Friendly wise faces, Speak works I can't understand. Their… Continue reading A place for a poem.