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Hiroshima, Prayers for Peace ✌️

The 4 days we spent in Hiroshima were wonderful, it's a beautiful place and I felt the need to write about it sooner than my weekly posts because of how it made us feel. Coming to Hiroshima we knew it would be a hard hitting place to visit because of its history and we were… Continue reading Hiroshima, Prayers for Peace ✌️

Our Journey

A REAL Whirlwind in Japan!

Wow. What a week this has been. Mel and I have just boarded our night bus, heading South bound to Hiroshima. I was reluctant to even get on this bus tonight after we got the tail end of Typhoon Tramis gale force winds in Tokyo last night. It was a pretty frightening experience, the noise… Continue reading A REAL Whirlwind in Japan!

Our Journey

Domo Arigato, Mr Roboto.

Konichiwa, We have been in Tokyo for one week now and I honestly don't know where to begin to tell you just how incredible this place is. Tokyo just gets everything right. It's on another level completely. We are in awe every single day. We arrived here to some bad weather and that has continued… Continue reading Domo Arigato, Mr Roboto.

Travel Tips

Top tips to do Vegas without going completely broke!

Ahhh Vegas 💕 We have only just left there and we already miss the place, we miss it a lot! The bright lights, the glitz and glam, the beautiful, the bizarre and all things in between. It really is another world there and one we just loved! It's incredible, it really is and I would… Continue reading Top tips to do Vegas without going completely broke!

Our Journey

A Perfect Vegas Wedding!

Well, This has been the busiest and best week of our lives! There has been so much going on it will be hard to condense it all for this post, so I will just try and give a somewhat brief overview of our time in Vegas so far! The only reason we have a bit… Continue reading A Perfect Vegas Wedding!