Decided to try and draw a proper face. It still turned out like a cartoon character πŸ˜‚ but can you guess who it is?


Halfmoon πŸŒ™

Just a quick one today, moved away from all dots for the day, took me four days to draw the elephant 🐘 an about an hour to draw this one. Last night we had a half moon in the sky but not the side on view that you are used too. It was horizontal and… Continue reading Halfmoon πŸŒ™


Destination Inspiration πŸ–Š

After spending so much time around elephants I had to try and draw the beautiful things I have seen. This is a first time for me trying to draw a more life like version. I tend to stick to cartoon/doodles when I draw but I enjoyed drawing it and think I will try and keep… Continue reading Destination Inspiration πŸ–Š

Our Journey

Into the Jungle.

Our week in Bangkok was the polar opposite to what one might think a week in Bangkok might look like. When we arrived I was fully expecting to be met with a smokey atmosphere, busy and chaotic bars and a general party vibe. People everywhere. What we actually got was a very pretty, colourful and… Continue reading Into the Jungle.