cycle touring

Iceland Part 1

As I pedalled head first in to a gale force wind, rain stinging my cheeks, feet sodden, nose running, i asked myself, “why the hell am I doing this!?” I was in Iceland, a bit of rock in the middle of the north Atlantic. It was summer, but it didnt feel like it. Apparently it… Continue reading Iceland Part 1

Our Journey

Exploring Vietnam

We waved Japan goodbye and boarded our flight to Vietnam. I didn't know what I expected but when I arrived I had the wide eyes of a lost child. Driving through this unique place. We arrived about 1.30 am, we were picked up from the airport so we had no trouble getting a car. Once… Continue reading Exploring Vietnam

Travel Tips

Top Hostel Picks.

Our first love when travelling is our tent. We love camping and the great out doors and it is our dream one day to run our own campsite.... ahh one day! We have our tent strapped onto our backpack but it's been there for quite some time now, it's collecting dust. With camping not always… Continue reading Top Hostel Picks.


A place for a poem.

Is this the future? Is this the past? It's bedlam! It's chaos! How did they not just crash? Every inch has a purpose, Nothing lays bare. Things all around you, Dust in the air. Working together, To avoid a collision. Honking horns, Just a blurred vision. Friendly wise faces, Speak works I can't understand. Their… Continue reading A place for a poem.